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Welcome to my beautiful virtual home where the journey focuses on exploring, embracing and emanating the most powerful expression of energy in the physical body - sex.

I offer the ancient path of Tantra, Dark Tantra, Tao, and Meditation to discerning seekers - ladies, gentlemen, couples and groups.

My sanctuary is based in Toronto, Canada.


Are you searching for something more in life? Are you seeking answers about who you really are?

Allow yourself to explore the infinite possibilities.

Sex is indeed energy; Synergistic Energy Xchange AND Sacred Energy Xchange. It is the *vital* force that transforms life and powerfully connects you to everything in the universe. Lower energies depend upon higher energies and vice versa - that is Divine Design.

Bliss is your absolute birthright.

Our culture, relationships and personal ideas have often been counterproductive in realizing and understanding our bodies and sexuality. We are often shamed or silenced. Guilt, regret and remorse may be painful reminders that we are unworthy, unwanted or unlovable. These are all false beliefs.
Sex is beautiful. You are beautiful.
Sex is creative. You are creative.
Sex is Divine. You are Divine.
When studied carefully and authentically, sexual energy awakens your being, truth and passions.

Live consciously, not unconsciously. Experience what it is to truly reveal yourself and thereby free yourself.

Come with an open mind & open heart. Trust yourself and trust the process.

Everything lies within you.


Your sexuality has profound emotional, physical, psychological and soulful connections as we are body, mind & spirit.


It can be found at libraries, bookstores and online.
My work is facilitating/illuminating ancient knowledge for those that wish me to teach/guide them on their journey.

Seekers come to me for a number of reasons to study what I teach – pure pleasure, learning to love, liberation, and/or healing. I have created and maintain a traditional, authentic eastern practice that is a welcoming environment for ALL. My specialties include KUNDALINI, THE DIVINE FEMININE & LOVE.

My practice also includes:

  • Learning how to fully liberate your sexual being
  • Examining real intimacy
  • Challenging old beliefs and paradigms
  • Enhancing your life & lovemaking skills
  • Creating deeply loving relationships with yourself and others
  • My sacred sexuality path assists others to awaken.

    All seekers - seasoned, novice or curious - are invited to delve into this site at your leisure as this is the finest Tantra / Tao temple, teaching and touch in Canada.

    Om Shanti.


    “Put away your pointless taboos and restrictions on sexual energy - rather help others to truly understand its wonder, and to channel it properly.”
    -Neale Donald Walsch, ‘Conversations with God’

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